Things To Consider When Renovating A House

Renovations or redevelopment are usually carried out when several parts of the house have experienced severe damage, such as a leaky roof in many parts, the need for additional rooms, or a change in the model of the house. There are partial and total renovations. Partial home renovation usually does not take a lot of time and costs. On the other hand, a total renovation means that the old house is demolished to be rebuilt into a new house.

In general, minimalist home renovation is done at least when the house is 20 years old. At that age, the structure of the house is already fragile and requires revision so that it is always comfortable for the occupants. In a way, this renovation is a way to have a “new home” without having to move land. For those of you who are planning to do a minimalist home renovation in the near future, first follow a few things that must be considered below because you will enjoy the results in the long run!

Designing a minimalist home renovation early

Minimalist home renovations, whether light or total, will definitely require a lot of money. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with starting to plan everything from scratch, including the cost of renovating the house itself. Start making a renovation budget, choosing building materials, and saving so you don’t feel in trouble when it’s time to renovate your house.

Mastering land features for minimalist home renovations

The characteristics of each field are different. If beforehand your house feels very noisy because it is located on the edge of a lane, it is better when renovating a minimalist home later that you make an entrance filled with green plants or just a simple front yard to muffle sound while dispelling air pollution. If first the area of your house is often flooded, be sure to raise the land of the house or add a barrier so that when it floods your house does not get water in it.

Studying the old structure of the building before the minimalist home renovation

If you are planning to carry out a minimalist home renovation that is light or just a part of it, so that you can carry out home renovations according to your budget, study the building structure first. Know which parts can still be maintained and which are not. Also consider whether the new design can blend in with the old structure of the building. In order for the results of the renovation to be more comfortable, consult a professional about this. You can ask a reliable interior design service for this, you know.

Choosing durable materials for minimalist home renovations

The selection of building materials for minimalist home renovations is not only based on beauty and balancing the overall appearance, but also must be durable. You don’t want to have to do a minimalist home renovation many times, do you?

Instead of bothering at a later date, making more money to get quality materials now is the right decision. For this, you can discuss it with the interior designer of your choice. For example, Dekoruma’s interior design is always ready to help.

For building materials and outdoor surfaces, choose those that are heat and rain resistant. Meanwhile, for the inside, choose paint that is easy to clean and floor tiles that are sturdy in holding heavy loads.

Think about drains when renovating a minimalist home

Water is a mandatory element in the household. Some rooms that require water include the bathroom and kitchen. When you want to add to the bathroom or move the position of the bathroom, you have to think about the condition of the drains when renovating a minimalist house later. Can the pipeline be connected to the desired location? Or will the water supply be sufficient for all of these rooms?

Updating the electrical panel when renovating a minimalist home

Apart from water, electricity also plays an important role in a house. Without electricity, you cannot look safely, watch television, play games or work. Make sure the electrical panel can meet the needs of the occupants of the house after the renovation later.

If your house first uses an old electrical panel, when renovating a minimalist home, you should replace the electrical panel with a new one. This is to avoid the formation of an electric short circuit. As one of the universal causes of fires, protecting against electrical short circuits is important to prevent the formation of house fires. For this, you should leave it to a reliable officer and tell them your needs.

Associate minimalist home renovation services

Most people will feel confused and worried about making the wrong decision when they want to do a minimalist home renovation. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for help from home renovation service providers. There are many advantages to collaborating with home design services. They must be more familiar with building materials and room design for the needs of residents. Consult all your needs and desires so they can help make it happen.