Landscaping Tips That Help Sell Your Home


Northern Colorado’s housing market is booming right now! This is a great time to sell your home if you have been considering it. Our landscaping design company is here to help. You should contact a landscaping firm well before you put your home on the market so that you can have it all done at least a month in advance.

First impressions are important when meeting someone new, and they’re also crucial to potential buyers. We’ll ensure that they are pleased with what they see as soon as they arrive at the curb.

Our Northern Colorado landscaping company offers some tips to help you sell your house:

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

When potential buyers visit Zillow and scroll through homes to buy, the first image is usually the most important. Sellers often ignore the way their landscaping looks and how it affects curb appeal. This is a significant factor!

Here are some inexpensive ways to improve the curb appeal of the house before the realtor photographer arrives:

  • Add new mulch.
  • Get rid of weeds.
  • Cut, edge, and water your lawn.
  • Planting pots and hanging pots of flowers can be added to the porch.
  • Trees & Shrubs pruned.

A well-maintained landscape is a big seller. Start pruning and removing dead branches a month in advance. It’s always a good idea, no matter what the season is, to shape shrubs and remove dead ones.

Add Perennials To Your Landscape

Start by removing all the dead or withered perennials in your garden. You are selling your home, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it for many months. In Colorado’s crazy housing market, this is especially true.

Install or Repair Your Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system is a great option for anyone who needs to install a new system or repair an older one.

Install an Outdoor Living Space

Add an outdoor living space to your property. If you invest in your home’s appearance and curb appeal, it can pay off big when selling your house. Hardscaping, such as patios, retaining walls, and paver walkways, can add value to your property.

This post was written by a professional at Radiant LDB. Radiant LDB proudly provides landscaping services, including landscape design and installation services, and Fort Collins pergola. We are a family-owned and operated company based in Fort Collins, and we’re dedicated to creating picturesque landscapes for our neighbors throughout the region.