Guide to Making a Minimalist Home Garden with Narrow Land

Having a house with a beautiful yard is everyone’s dream. Even though it only has a little space, the courtyard element in the house is a very important aspect. This might be a hindrance, but if you can work around it properly, this situation is not a big problem. You can still create a minimalist yard in a small area with a few special tricks. Want to know how the trick? Here’s we has summarized several tips that can be tried when creating a minimalist home garden on a small area.

Familiarize the design with the taste of the home owner

When building a house, you must first determine the architectural style of the house you want. If the architectural style of your home is minimalist, then the yard design also needs to match your simple minimalist home. A good yard is a garden that distributes continuity between the inner and outer spaces. Therefore, before you want to create a garden, first determine the garden design that suits your taste and budget.

Ensuring a suitable type of plant

In addition to choosing the right garden design, you also need to choose the type of houseplants and the type of flowers for the garden you want to use. It should be noted that not all plants can develop and grow well in different weather conditions. The type of plants selected also need to get used to the climate of the house, and the condition of the soil in the yard. As a guide for selecting plants, don’t just choose one type of form. But mix it with a variety of other plants, ranging from color harmony, plant shape and so on. That way the landscape of your home garden will also be more attractive.

Using a horizontal-vertical pattern

Because the available yard space is very limited, you need to be careful in studying this matter. One method that can be tried is to use a mix of vertical system patterns or horizontal systems. Vertical system generally with plants will be arranged soaring upwards, while horizontal is the opposite. If you use a horizontal system, you can also use the existing land to grow vegetables such as eggplant, herbs and so on. For that, you can use other supporting equipment such as aluminum shelves, concrete flower pots and so on.

Get used to the decoration

Not only choosing the types of plants to be used, but creating a minimalist yard on a small area also has to think about the decorations to be used. This decoration can be in the form of small aquariums, statues, flower vases, yard lights and so on. But choose makeup that matches the theme and size that is not too big. Given the area of land that is not so much.

Minimizing maintenance fees

Certain types of plants will require large maintenance costs. Therefore, so that expenses do not increase, choose types of plants that do not result in too much maintenance costs. An example is orchids, which can help enhance the aesthetics of your yard.

Increase the grass

The home garden certainly will not be complete if it is not covered with lawn grass. There are various types of lawn grass that you can use. There are 2 well-known types of grass that are often used in homes. Awal is a Japanese grass, which is very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. For the second type of grass, it is mini elephant grass whose beauty is no doubt. How to care for mini elephant grass is also easy to try. These two types of grass are indeed very popular.

Blending with natural stone

In addition to creating a healthy home identity, the yard in the yard is also intended to introduce a natural and natural side to the house. Until then, you can try to combine it with natural stone materials. As is well known, natural stone has various and very beautiful motifs. This element can be an accessory factor that is very suitable for your home garden.

Those are some tips and tricks as a way to make a minimalist home garden on a small plot of land that is good and right and you should know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!