Elegant And Modern Bathroom Design Inspiration For Your Home

The bathroom is one of the spaces that must be present in the house. Used for self-sterilization, changing clothes, to relaxing when tired makes the bathroom feel very private. So why is it no wonder that elegant bathroom designs are sought after to increase comfort while in the room. Here’s the inspiration for the bathroom theme that can be used. An exclusive and elegant bathroom design can certainly provide certain comfort when someone is relaxing in it. This is what makes many 5-star hotels, elegant apartments, residential houses to resort zones design bathrooms very well. So, for those of you who want to have a bathroom with a luxurious and modern look, here are some bathroom design ideas that you can try.

Contemporary Entitled Modern Bathroom Design

Those of you who want to create aesthetic value in the bathroom to make the room safer, can choose to apply a contemporary design theme. Although some elements of modern design can be adapted into this theme, contemporary style is fundamentally different from modern design. Because contemporary style is not bound by any period and tends to be more dynamic. Because of that nature, you may mix it with other styles.

What is certain is that the main characteristic of this contemporary theme is the neatness in the arrangement. Mix the colors used between 2 to 3 colors only, to produce a neutral impression. On the other hand, for the selection of materials, elegant bathroom designs with contemporary themes should choose those with smooth surfaces such as stainless steel and mirrors. Because apart from color, the use of materials for ceilings, rooms, accessories, and bathroom floors also really need to be looked at in this contemporary theme.

Minimalist Elegant Bathroom Design Entitled Nature

Who says the bathroom must always be plain white? A minimalist and modern elegant bathroom can also be obtained from a green natural theme which would not hurt to be carried as a design model in the bathroom. This kind of design theme is the right choice if you are bored with minimalist bathrooms that tend to be plain. If you want to always maintain a beautiful minimalist impression, use a white bath or cubicle. You can use the interior of the bathroom made of marble or other natural stone to emphasize the concept of nature in a minimalist bathroom. Not only that, having plant decorations in the corner of the bathroom will also make it even more attractive.

Elegant Bathroom Inspiration Titled Gray

The bathroom design is elegant and elegant as is usually shown in modern minimalist room designs, not only struggling with white, but also black motifs such as gray. Dark colors themselves do have a solid impression when applied to small rooms like bathrooms. Moreover, judging from the visuals, a bathroom with dark colors can give a graceful impression that expresses the owner of the house. For those of you who are interested in using this theme, make sure the seriousness of the light is suitable so that the room doesn’t seem too black.

Elegant and Minimalist Bathroom Concept Titled Monochrome

If white is too boring and dark is too black for you, how about thinking of a monochrome theme to apply to your bathroom design? Practicing this monochrome minimalist bathroom design can make a room look simple but always beautiful. You can create a variety of design models, for example a monochrome color that balances with dark floor and cabinet areas and white room and ceiling zones.

The use of a white ceiling makes the bathroom feel brighter and less stuffy, while the dark tiles on the floor give the impression that it is not easy and dirty. The lighting that will illuminate the bathroom is also very important so that the bathroom with a monochrome title does not look black and terrible, choose a window that can let in sunlight and choose white-colored lighting that will add a beautiful impression.

Things That Should Be in the Bathroom


In creating an elegant bathroom design using various themes like the one above, there are several must-have items in the bathroom that should not be missed so that the elegant impression feels sturdy. One of them is glass, because it can increase the natural light that enters the bathroom so that it creates the impression of a wider room.


Apart from mirror, you also need to place ornamental plants in the bathroom to increase the aesthetic value. What’s more, not only does it make the interior of the bathroom neat, the presence of plants can provide a variety of benefits, ranging from eliminating unpleasant odors, keeping the bathroom moist, to making the bathroom more beautiful.

Shower and Bathtub

Shower and bathtub can add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom design. However, you should stay away from showers with iron material, because over time it can affect the quality of the water released. Don’t forget to choose the type of body jet shower that has a strong spray power so you can relax while taking a shower.